Tools for Life Ministries website is a place to find what God has to say to us about life – how we think and then act, based on the information He has given in the Bible. Feel free to download, study, use and/or modify according to sound biblical teachings. Please, no proving your point use. These studies are about what God says in His Word. Please stay in that vein of thinking.

These studies are not meant to be exhaustive on each subject, but rather accessible to most people, and most often use Biblical passages that supplement and reinforce basic Christian teachings.

The studies are an on-going project, and more will be added frequently. If you would like to add to the library, please submit your study for review. If it meets the criteria, it will be posted. Of course, if you have questions or wish to discuss certain points, please contact us.

May God bless His Church by what we do as His servants!